Privacy policy

Introductory provisions
In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (Official Journal of the European Union L 119 , 4.5.2016, page 1, hereinafter: General Regulation on Data Protection), which is in full application from 25 May 2018 in the Republic of Croatia and all EU Member States, as well as the Law on Implementation General Regulations on Data Protection (Official Gazette No. 42/18, hereinafter: the Act), ie in accordance with the legal framework for personal data protection in the Republic of Croatia and the European Union and best European practice, M-Frigo Servis, owner Mladen Leš, Dolovska 32 , 10090 Zagreb, / OIB: 77025586031, e-mail: m-frigo@zg.t-com.hr (hereinafter: M-Frigo Servis), as the head of personal data processing, drafted the Privacy Policy. Privacy policy is a unilaterally binding legal act based on fundamental principles in the processing of personal data, which regulates which data are collected, how such data are processed, for what purposes they are used. The privacy policy also informs users of their rights in the collection and further processing of personal data, all for the purpose of protecting their privacy in a broader sense.

The privacy policy is based on the following principles of personal data processing: the principle of legality, transparency and best practice, the principle of limited processing and reduction of data, the principle of accuracy and completeness of personal data, the principle of limited storage, the principle of data integrity and confidentiality. trust and fair processing, the principle of opportunity (purposes of processing), the principle of processing in an unnamed (anonymised) form. The privacy policy is applied in a clear and transparent manner and we want to get acquainted with the procedures for processing their personal data and their rights. First of all, users can at any time contact M-Frigo Servis with a request to amend or / or update the data relating to them, as well as with a request to comment on the purposes for which they want or do not want their data processed.

M-Frigo Servis is responsible for the processing of personal data:

M-Frigo Servis, owner Mladen Leš, Dolovska 32 , 10090 Zagreb, / OIB: 77025586031, e-mail: m-frigo@zg.t-com.hr  

Method of collection and types of data collected
M-Frigo Servis collects basic data in the following ways:
1. Directly by the users themselves in a way that the users themselves deliver them with the consent of M-Frigo Servis as a processing manager in a certain range of data that is essential for the provision of appropriate services. For the purpose of providing appropriate services, the user is obliged to submit M-Frigo Servis the following data that are required by the same.
a) name and surname or name of the company or legal entity;
b) address;
f) contact telephone and / or mobile phone number;
g) contact details of e-mail (e-mail address);
2. From other sources or from our partners or from publicly available sources (for example, data available by accessing the telephone directory and other publicly available services);
3. Automatically by visiting our website (web) and applications, which are data associated with network identifiers (Internet protocol addresses and cookie identifiers, such as Google Analytics to track user and / or customer interaction).
A cookie is a small data file that is stored on a computer or mobile device when you visit a particular website. Cookies are used to provide a better user experience to each user, to store user preferences, in order to make the website work more efficiently, as well as to monitor and test the use and traffic of the M-Frigo Servis website. creating user profiles and then displaying customized online ads based on user preferences.
By disabling and / or blocking the storage of cookies, the user can still browse the website of M-Frigo Servis. However, it is likely that certain features and / or functionalities of the website will not be available to such user, or that the time required to access certain functions of the website. pages be longer than usual.
The network identifiers in question may leave traces which, in combination with other identifiers and information provided by Internet service servers, may be used to identify users. Also, for this purpose, we collect and process the following data:
a) IP address information;
b) data on the use of individual applications; M-Frigo Servis constantly takes care of collecting only the necessary range of personal data necessary to achieve the statutory purpose for which the data are processed.

For what purposes personal data is collected and further processed
Personal data M-Frigo Servis collects based on the consent it has provided by the user for one or more specific purposes, as well as in one of the following cases.
M-Frigo Servis collects and further processes the user's personal data solely for the purpose of contacting the user and for sending informational notices about the services of M-Frigo Servis and for no other purpose.

Direct marketing
User contact details can be used to send informational notices about the services of M-Frigo Servis if the user has given consent for such processing.
M-Frigo Servis may use contact information and personally contact users whose personal information it already possesses, based on a legitimate interest in sending notice of all relevant information from the domain of M-Frigo Servis, using all available advertising channels, unless the user objects to such processing. The legal basis for the processing of personal data for the stated purposes is the legitimate interest of M-Frigo Servis, unless the interest or fundamental rights and freedoms that require data protection are stronger than that interest.
Internal purposes
M-Frigo Servis uses certain user data exclusively for the purposes of its own records, in order to protect the legitimate interests of users. For example, this involves the use of personal data for the purpose of creating information that meets the needs and desires of users.
The legal basis for collection in the described case is the consent of the user.

Time duration of storage and processing of personal data
Depending on the purpose and legal basis on which it is collected by the user's personal data M-Frigo Servis is in some cases obliged to keep personal data for a period of 6 months. Upon the expiration of the legal deadline binding on M-Frigo Servis upon storage of certain personal data or termination of purpose, they are deleted.
Data processed based on the legitimate interest of M-Frigo Servis and / or the user's consent may be deleted before the expiration of the period specified in this Policy, in the event that such deletion is requested by the user or when the user objects to such processing.

User rights
1. The right of access to personal data
M-Frigo Servis as the controller, undertakes on the basis of the submitted written request of the user, which may be in the form of e-mail, to provide access to personal data processed about them, to inform them about the purpose of processing personal data in which they are processed, the type of personal data processed, on the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be disclosed, on the estimated time period of processing or on the criteria used to determine that period.
2. The right to correct inaccurate data
M-Frigo Servis will, as the controller, enable the correction of inaccurate personal data in each individual case when it is determined that the collected personal data about the user are inaccurate or there has been a change in the user's data.
3. The right to delete personal data
M-Frigo Servis will delete the user's personal data in the following cases:
a) when the personal data of the user are no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose of processing, ie the termination of the purpose of processing;
b) when the user withdraws the consent as a legal basis for data processing, and there is no other legal basis for data processing;
c) when the user objects to the processing of data (see more under the heading Right to object)
d) when personal data have been illegally processed;
e) where personal data must be deleted in order to fulfill legal obligations under European Union law or the law of the Member State to which the controller is subject;
4. The right to limit data processing
Restriction of personal data processing M-Frigo Servis will provide in cases where the user disputes the accuracy of the data, when the processing is illegal and the user opposes the deletion of the data and instead seeks a restriction on their use, when M-Frigo Servis no longer needs personal data for processing purposes but the user requests data to meet legal requirements, as in the case where the user objects to the processing of personal data based on the legitimate interest of M-Frigo Servis.
5. The right to object
The user has the right to object to the processing of personal data relating to him if the data are processed for the purposes of the legitimate interest of the controller. In that case M-Frigo Servis will, as the controller, stop processing personal data, unless he proves that there are compelling legitimate reasons for the processing of personal data in relation to the rights of users, or in the case where data processing serves to set, implement or defend legal claims.

Where personal data is processed
Personal data of the user, M-Frigo Servis processed in the Republic of Croatia.

Under what conditions is personal data passed on to third parties
Personal data of users and / or customers of M-Frigo Servis forwards to third parties (including competent authorities) only in the following cases:
a) user consent;
b) to meet the legal obligations of M-Frigo Servis.;
c) when such processing is necessary to protect the key interests of users.

Consent management
The active role of the user in the protection of privacy is reflected in giving consent as a voluntary, specially informed and unambiguous expression of the wishes of the respondents to whom he gives consent to the processing of personal data by a statement or clear affirmative action. Consent management implies the possibility for the user to authorize M-Frigo Servis by active and unambiguous action. to collect certain personal data for one or more purposes (consent of the respondent), ie to withdraw the previously given consent in the same way for the purpose of collecting and processing personal data, for one or more purposes.

Who to talk to
In case of any questions about the protection of personal data by M-Frigo Servis, users can contact by e-mail to the e-mail address specified in this Privacy Policy or in writing to the following address:
M-Frigo Servis, owner Mladen Leš, Dolovska 32 , 10090 Zagreb,  e-mail: m-frigo@zg.t-com.hr

Amendments to the Privacy Policy
M-Frigo Servis reserves the right to amend this Policy at any time, without giving any special notice to interested parties. For this reason, it is recommended that all interested parties regularly check the content of the website https://m-frigo-servis.hr for information about the updated content of this Policy.

Zagreb, March, 2022 


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