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M-Frigo was founded in 1993 in Zagreb. The activity is installation, service and repair of professional kitchen equipment, refrigeration appliances and household appliances.

M-Frigo-montaža M-frigo - montaža opreme



We install gas and electric catering equipment and we are service partners of different manufacturers: Electrolux, Zanussi, Olis, Giga, Končar, Dihr, Icematic, Fimar, Unox and Aristarco.

We also install refrigerated cabinets and refrigerators of large and small capacities.



The service business covers a large number of hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels and small restaurants throughout Croatia.
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M-Frigo - servis

Intervention service

We perform intervention on the user's field by invitation.

M-Frigo-održavanje M-frigo - održavanje



Regular maintenance of your equipment and appliances with a guarantee of work performed.

Our top service technicians install, service and maintain equipment in accordance with the highest standards.


M-FRIGO, installation, service and repair of professional kitchen equipment, cooking and refrigeration equipment and appliances,
Mr. Mladen Leš, owner
Dolovska 32, 10090 Zagreb, | OIB: 77025586031
Phone. 01/3732 053 ; Fax. 01/3757 470 | Mob. +385(0)98 301960; +385(0)98 697039; +385 (0)95 8888 246 |
www.m-frigo-servis.hr | e-mail: m-frigo@zg.t-com.hr | les.mladen@gmail.com