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What are cookies?
A cookie is information that is stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone by the website you are visiting. Cookies usually store your settings and settings for a website, such as your chosen language or address. After you visit the website again, the internet browser sends back cookies that belong to that website. In this way, the website can display information that suits your needs.

The purpose of cookies
In order to ensure the proper operation of the website www.m-frigo.hr, further improvements and enhancements of your experiences in viewing them, they store a small amount of information (cookies) on your computer.

Data that cookies can store
Cookies can also store personal information (such as your name or email address). However, this data can only be stored if you allow it. It is also important to know that our website cannot access other files on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Although the storage and sending of cookies is not visible to you, you can change your Internet browser settings to choose whether to approve or reject requests to store cookies, or delete saved cookies automatically when you close your Internet browser, etc.

Consent to cookie storage
By using the website www.m-frigo.hr, you accept the use and storage of cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Third party cookies
There are several external services that store limited cookies on your computers. These cookies are not set by the website www.m-frigo.hr, but some of them serve for the normal functioning of certain features that make it easier for users to access the content. We currently use third party services, Google Analytics. If you want to prevent some of the services from storing cookies on your computer, you can block them. There are websites to turn off the storage of cookies for various services. You can find out more here:

How to disable cookies
If you want, you can disable the storage of cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, but blocking all cookies could have a negative effect on the use of many websites, including this one. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your internet browser. If you want to delete or disable cookies, you need to update the settings of your Internet browser (for information on how to delete and disable cookies, see your Internet browser by selecting the help menu).

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