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Service and repair of professional kitchen equipment



M-Frigo was founded in 1993 in Zagreb. The activity is installation, service and repair of catering equipment, refrigeration equipment and household appliances. Through many years of work on the service of professional equipment (thermal and refrigeration equipment), we have gained the quality and trust of our customers.

Servis M-Frigo rashladni uređaji

Refrigeration devices

Service and maintenance of refrigeration systems for restaurants, patisseries, cafes, and other catering facilities that need cooling systems in catering.

M-Frigo ugostiteljstvo

Thermal equipments

Service and maintenance of professional kitchen and thermal equipment in hotels, restaurants and catering facilities. We perform a detailed inspection of installations, device diagnostics, repair assessment.

Cooling systems

In catering - ice machines, bar, display cases, chambers
In store - showcases, refrigeration chambers, refrigerators
In meat industry - cooling chambers, refrigerators 

Thermal equipment

We offer a wide range of programs for maintenance and repair of catering equipment, especially professional kitchen appliances, installation of gas and electric catering equipment.

Electricity works 

Execution of all electrical work on thermal and washing equipment of various manufacturers: (Electrolux, Zanussi, Olis, Giga, Unox), ice machines, combi ovens, pizza ovens and refrigeration equipment.

M-FRIGO / Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance

Our satisfied clients are the owners of many catering facilities throughout Croatia.

These are hotels, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, public companies and many private companies..


- Installation
- Servicing


M-Frigo - Enomatic uređaji za točenje vina


Wine serving systems ENOMATIC

M-FRIGO is service support in installation, maintenance and servicing Enomatic® wine serving systems.

Enomatic® is a world leader in the wine serving system, which offers a wide range of wine vending machines in more than 70 countries, including Croatia.

M-Frigo - Unox


Installation and service of high-end UNOX appliances 

M-Frigo is an authorized dealer and repairer of UNOX convection ovens

Installation and service of catering equipment Electrolux, Zanussi, Olis, Giga, Končar, Dihr, Icematic, Fimar, Unox and Aristarco
- installation and service of air conditioners Sinclair, Toshiba and Mitsubishi
- service of refrigerated display cases, cabinets and freezers LTH, Alpfrigo, Forcar
- service of home appliances

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